THE GLOBAL CHANGE CENTER  | Our mission is to advance interdisciplinary scholarship and education to address critical global changes impacting the environment and society.

Interdisciplinary research is necessary to tackle the new frontier of global environmental challenges. The goal of the new Global Change Center at Virginia Tech is to explicitly address the challenges posed by the interaction of climate change, pollution, invasive species, disease and habitat loss.

The Global Change Center is a university-wide, faculty-led initiative, involving most colleges on campus. GCC Affiliated faculty represent a diversity of disciplines and academic units, integrating basic and applied science, engineering, and social sciences.

The Interfaces of Global Change Program is an exciting interdisciplinary graduate education program designed to address the multidimensional aspects of global change. Funded by the Virginia Tech Graduate School, this program is one of several Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Programs (IGEPs) on campus.

  • The theme is highly topical, addressing the most pressing issues of our times and aligning strongly with an area of strategic emphasis at Virginia Tech.... The Global Change Center boasts highly qualified and well-funded faculty with a demonstrated record of collaboration... Students will emerge from this program well-qualified to play leading roles in questions relating to global change... –VT Faculty Comments about the GCC