Tamara Fetters

Biological Sciences

Tamara earned her B.S. in Biological Sciences and Psychology from Virginia Tech. As an undergraduate, she worked in the Hawley Lab,  examining the interaction between disease and aggressive behavior in house finches. She also worked at Mountain Lake Biological Station on a project that analyzed the interaction between the presence of preen oil at the nest and rates of nest predation across different bird species and sexes. Tamara joined the McGlothlin Lab in Fall 2013 and started her doctoral program.
Her interest in the interfaces of global change began when studying abroad in the Dominican Republic. During this time she worked to help understand and manage threats posed to local ecosystems by global change. As a Ph.D. candidate, she plans to study the brown anole and the effects that threats such as disease, climate change, and introduction have on the anole’s physiology and ecology.

Tamara looks forward to the opportunity to engage in cross-discipline collaborating with other scientists through the Interfaces of Global Change Program. Her goal in the future is to work with other scientists to recognize and manage global threats.