Noah McNeill

Biological Sciences

Growing up as a birder and naturalist in Upstate New York, Noah McNeill developed an early passion for avian conservation and scientific research. He earned B.S. degrees in Biology and Environmental Science from Allegheny College. He studied interspecific aggression in Costa Rican Nightingale-thrushes, response to predators in Hooded Warblers, and grassland bird conservation in hayfield agriculture. He conducted bird surveys in eight states, and his seasonal field work involved avian surveys at a solar facility and proposed wind energy sites.

As a Ph.D. student in the Department of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech, Noah will be working with Dr. Jeff Walters. Noah’s research goals lie in determining best conservation practices for bird populations. He is particularly concerned about the impacts of habitat loss on avian populations. He hopes to conduct research on avian taxa with unknown or complex behavioral and ecological variables.