Our mission is to advance interdisciplinary scholarship and education to address critical global changes impacting the environment and society.
We achieve our mission by providing a framework that encourages, facilitates, and rewards interdisciplinary research, education, and outreach across the intellectual landscape of Virginia Tech.

Research & Policy Goals

  • Establish Virginia Tech as an innovative international leader in global-change science, from basic research to development of science-based solutions that can inform policy, and provide visibility of our strengths to the world.
  • Build a collaborative and well-integrated interdisciplinary research community including both natural and social scientists and engineers studying how major global threats interact to influence the environment and society.
  • Recruit the most innovative faculty and students in the world to Virginia Tech.
  • Position Virginia Tech to secure significant extramural funding and to form meaningful partnerships with broad stakeholders including federal agencies, non-government organizations, and industry.
  • Facilitate, promote, and reward novel cross-campus research collaborations and graduate student training amongst specialists in the natural sciences, engineering, and the social sciences.
  • Create capacity to address the specific challenges posed by global change to our community, state and region.
  • Create a forum where daily cross-talk between the natural and social sciences, and between basic and applied science, is the norm, not the exception, in an effort to address the multi-faceted nature of environmental policies pertaining to global change.
  • Make the best available science accessible to environmental policy-makers and the public through effective communication, participation, and dissemination.