Joshua Mouser

Fish & Wildlife Conservation

Joshua received his B.S. from Oklahoma State University (OSU) in Natural Resource Ecology and Management (NREM) with a Wildlife Option. During his undergraduate degree, Joshua worked for Dr. Shannon Brewer and participated in many research projects focused on the ecology and conservation of stream ecosystems.

His experience working for Dr. Brewer led him to pursue his M.S. degree at OSU in NREM, but with an option in Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology. Joshua’s M.S. research focused on developing an environmental DNA protocol for documenting the presence of cavefishes and cave crayfishes in the Ozark Highlands ecoregion. Joshua is currently pursuing his Ph.D. with Dr. Paul Angermeier.


Joshua’s research focuses on the understanding how agricultural conservation practices (e.g., riparian buffers) influence water quality and how water quality changes ultimately shape the aquatic community. The goal of his research is to improve the efficacy of agricultural conservation practices. Joshua’s interest in IGC stems from the interdisciplinary nature of his research and the need to effectively communicate with landowners to promote adoption of conservation practices.