Dr. Jacob Barney

Plant Pathology, Physiology and Weed Science

Dr. Barney’s research program at Virginia Tech focuses on the processes and consequences of invasive plant species on our natural and managed ecosystems. In relation to global change, Dr. Barney studies how invasive plants respond to novel climate scenarios, which may increase the number and distribution of habitats susceptible to invasion.  Dr. Barney is particularly interested in risk assessment as it pertains to reducing the risk of future invasions, and has applied this extensively in studying the risk of introducing exotic bioenergy crops. Dr. Barney also focuses on identifying the impacts of invasive plants in a holistic manner to better understand the consequences to biodiversity and ecosystem processes.

At Virginia Tech, Dr. Barney teaches undergraduate courses in Biological Invasions and Ecological Agriculture, and at the graduate level Advanced Biological Invasions.

Barney serves as an Associate Editor for Invasive Plant Science and Management, on the Executive Committee of the Northeastern Weed Science Society, and the Board of Directors for the Weed Science Society of America. He also regularly serves in advisory capacities at the local, state, and national level on bioenergy crops and invasive species. Dr. Barney has published more than 35 peer-reviewed manuscripts and book chapters on subjects pertaining to invasive plant ecology, ecological impacts of invasive plants, chemical ecology, risk assessment, and bioenergy.

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Recent Relevant Publications

Barney JN, Tekiela DR, Dollete E, Tomasek B (2013) What is the “real” impact of invasive plant species. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. In Press

Quinn LD, Barney JN, McCubbins JSN, Endres, AB (2013) Navigating the “noxious” and “invasive” regulatory landscape, or lack thereof: Suggestions for improved regulatory performance. BioScience. 63: 124-131

Darin GM, Schoenig S, Panetta FD, Barney JN, DiTomaso JM (2011) WHIPPET: A novel system for prioritizing invasive plant populations for regional eradication. Journal of Environmental Management 92: 131-139

Barney JN, DiTomaso JM (2010) Bioclimatic predictions of habitat suitability for the biofuel switchgrass in North America under current and future climate scenarios. Biomass & Bioenergy 34: 124-133

Barney JN, Whitlow TH (2008) A unifying framework for biological invasions: the state factor model. Biological Invasions 10: 259-272

Barney JN, DiTomaso JM (2008) Non-native species and bioenergy: are we cultivating the next invader? BioScience 58: 64-70

For a complete list of published work, please see Dr. Barney’s website.