Interfaces of Global Change Curriculum Committee (IG3C)

Initiated in the fall of 2018, the Interfaces of Global Change Curriculum Committee (IG3C) is the primary entity responsible for visioning, oversight, and implementation of the IGC IGEP curriculum.  Primary duties entail visioning, planning, and delivering of the annual fall and spring seminar courses and the capstone course offered every other year.  These duties include ensuring continuity of existing high-quality graduate programming, as well as ideation and visioning to meet the evolving programmatic needs of the growing, diverse IGC IGEP student population.


Julia Gohlke

IG3C Chair, Assistant Professor

Department of Population Health Sciences

Research Interests: human health implications of global environmental change


Melissa Burt

Interfaces of Global Change Fellow

Department of Biological Sciences

Research Interests: species interactions, community ecology, climate change, habitat fragmentation, functional traits

Cully Hession_800x800

Cully Hession


Department of Biological Systems Engineering

Research Interests:the fundamental physical processes of streams, including channel structure and sediment dynamics, human activity impact, and restoration


Erin Hotchkiss

Assistant Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

Research Interests: freshwater ecology


Bruce Hull


Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

Research Interests: organizations, communities and leaders constructing sustainable development in the face of converging demographic, environmental, governance, and market transformations


Sarah Kuchinsky

Interfaces of Global Change Fellow

Department of Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology

Research Interests: One Health initiatives; zoonotic disease ecology and management; understanding factors that drive viral emergence


Michelle Stocker

Assistant Professor

Department of Geosciences

Research Interests: macroevolutionary patterns and processes of biodiversity, including how species diversify in the functional, phylogenetic, and developmental constraints of convergent evolution

Jeff Walters, Biol; at duck pond; biological sciences giving ad

Jeffrey R. Walters

Harold H. Bailey Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

Research Interests: conservation of avian species and associated ecosystems, dispersal behavior and its relationship to sensitivity to habitat fragmentation, evolution of cooperative breeding systems, the science – policy interface