Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Seed Grant Program


In 2015 and 2016, the Global Change Center (GCC) at Virginia Tech accepted proposals from graduate students to support interdisciplinary research and research-related travel. Proposals addressed both basic and applied aspects of global change science are considered, and priority was given to fund proposals that advanced the collaborative and interdisciplinary mission of the GCC.

Funding decisions were made by a committee of Ph.D. fellows and post-docs, providing them with professional development opportunities as grant review panel members.


Global Change Science

Water Quality

Heather Govenor


Using tracers to reveal sediment fate and transport patterns in freshwater streams

Greenhouse Gases

Jon Doubek, et al.


Assessing the effects of freshwater plankton food webs on methane emissions

Flagship Species

Dave Millican


Assessing potential of a new flagship species for Namibian conservation

Avian Malaria

Laura Schoenle


Mechanisms underlying the effect of glucocorticoids on the response to avian malaria infection

Antibiotic Resistance

Carl Wepking


Effect of livestock antibiotics on leaf breakdown and shredder function in streams

Invasive Species

Alyssa Smith


Policy plasticity: exploring novel mechanisms of stress tolerance in a global invader

Invasive Species

Tamara Fetters, et al.


Parasitism, MHC diversity, and selection in an invasive lizard and its native cogener

Urbanization Impacts

Scott Davies


They physiological causes of elevated aggression in urban birds