The Interfaces of Global Change IGEP awards four 12-month Ph.D. fellowships every academic year, each covering tuition and stipend (~$40,000 total value).  To be eligible to apply for this fellowship, students should have been enrolled in the IGC IGEP for at least 12 months, have not previously received an IGC fellowship award, and be in good academic standing with their mentor(s), home department, and the Virginia Tech Graduate School.



The 2020-21 IGC IGEP fellowship application deadline is April 15, 2020 at 5:00 PM.


2020-21 IGC fellowship Request for Proposals [PDF]

Applications will be evaluated by a committee of faculty using an admissions rubric that evaluates the student’s professional credentials, the student’s level of engagement in the IGC IGEP, pertinence of the student’s research to global change, the interdisciplinary nature of the work, and the student’s plan for using the one-year fellowship.

Please pay close attention to the application requirements described below. Incorrectly formatted or incomplete applications will not be considered by the admissions committee.


Applicants should submit the following materials in PDF format, addressed to the IGC Admissions Review Committee, to Jess Zielske, IGC Program Coordinator via email at jcoker@vt.edu:

1.   The one-page Cover Sheet [PDF, DOC]
2.   A CV that includes your graduate GPA
3.   An application letter, not to exceed 2 pages (12 point font), that is divided into 3 sections that address these topics:

    • IGC IGEP Engagement: How has the IGC IGEP advanced your professional development to date, and how have you contributed to the program?
    • Research & Policy/Science Communication Statement: What kind of interdisciplinary research are you conducting and how does it relate to global change? How are you employing your IGC IGEP training related to the science-policy interface and/or science communication in your work?
    • Plans for Fellowship Use: How will you use the one-year fellowship to advance your professional development?

4.   A letter of support from the applicant’s graduate mentor, not to exceed 1 page, that explains:

    • The applicant’s progress towards her/his Ph.D. and notable accomplishments
    • The applicant’s contributions to the IGC IGEP and/or other service-related activities
    • How the applicant’s training will benefit from the one-year fellowship

      The faculty letter of support should be sent as a PDF file directly to the GCC Program Coordinator, Jess Zielske.

The student’s application (Items 1-3 above) should be submitted as a single pdf file by e-mail to GCC Program Coordinator, Jess Zielske; E-mail address: jcoker@vt.edu. Label files as LAST NAME_IGCFellowshipApplication2020.

Application Review Criteria for Fellowship Awards:

  • Applicant’s professional credentials
  • Applicant’s level of engagement in the IGC IGEP
  • Pertinence of student’s research to global change
  • The interdisciplinary nature of the work
  • Applicant’s plan for using the one year fellowship