The Interfaces of Global Change (IGC) program is an exciting interdisciplinary graduate education program designed to address the multidimensional aspects of global change.  Funded by the Virginia Tech Graduate School, this program is one of several Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Programs (IGEPs) on campus that address a major fundamental problem or complex societal issue requiring an interdisciplinary team of scholars. Participants (PhD Fellows) will enter the program at the beginning of their graduate studies and continue to participate throughout their time at Virginia Tech.

Goals of the Program

The goals of the IGC IGEP are to provide each PhD Fellow with a broad perspective on

  • How the five major global changes interact to impact biodiversity and environmental health
  • The societal causes and consequences of these ecological problems
  • The role that scientists can play in resolving these issues through effective science communication and by informing sound environmental policy

Like all of Virginia Tech’s IGEPs, the Interfaces of Global Change IGEP is not a degree-granting program. Rather, it will provide PhD students with a unique intellectual focus and training. Our goal is for each IGC Fellow to gain depth in their specific scientific area of expertise (e.g. biology or engineering), while simultaneously gaining breadth in the multifaceted realm of global change and the science-policy interface.  Students still receive their PhD degree from their home department, but they will focus on global change and the science-policy interface.


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Photo credit: Wire-tailed Manakin by Joao Quental via Wikimedia Commons