Summer 2019 Hollins Participants


Udipta Bohara

As a rising junior majoring in biology with minors in mathematics and chemistry, Udipta worked with two mentors, Dr. Dana Hawley and Dr. Kendra Sewall from the Department of Biological Sciences. Udipta worked on a project seeking to understand the differences in how long the bacterial pathogen Mycoplasma gallisepticum stays active in different environments. She gained hands-on experience in a lab setting, something she hopes will be a core part of her future career in evolutionary biology.


Grishma Bhattarai

Grishma participated in the 2019 summer research program as a rising senior, with a double major in economics and mathematics with a data science concentration. She worked with Dr. Kelly Coburn (Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation) and studied environmental economics, development economics, and focused on how women play a role in the valuation and conservation of public goods in developing communities. She greatly expanded her research skills, especially in how to ask the right questions with large data sets.

Presenting at the Research Symposium

A final Research Symposium is the highpoint of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program. After dedicating ten weeks to the planning, execution, and analysis of a research project, SURF undergrads have had the chance to become authentic members of research teams by working side-by-side with faculty, graduate students, and research staff.

The research symposium gives these students an opportunity to synthesize their experiences and present their findings via scientific talks and posters. Udipta’s poster was titled “Viability of Mycoplasma gallisepticum (Mg) Isolates on Bird Feeders” and Grishma’s was titled “Giving Power Back: Gender-Smart Assistance to Tackle Food Insecurity in Ethiopia.”