The IGCGSO exists to benefit the IGC community as a whole through student contributions to infrastructural, educational, and social investments and activities. Further goals of the IGCGSO include:

  • Facilitate communication between faculty and students within IGC, and between IGC and the university and community.

  • Build community among IGC graduate students.

  • Further the professional development of IGC graduate students.

  • Foster interdisciplinary interactions between IGC graduate students and scientists, policymakers, and the public.


GSO Officers and Constitution

The IGCGSO Governing Body is composed of an Executive Committee (President, Secretary, Treasurer) and a Programming Body (Outreach Committee, Professional Development Committee). Elections occur annually during Fall semester, and new officers start their positions at the beginning of Spring semester.

GSO Constitution

2014-15 Officers

President – Tony Timpano
Secretaries – Tamara Fetters & Leah Novak
Treasurer – Cathy Jachowski
Outreach Committee Chair – Jen Wagner
Professional Develop. Committee Chair – Jon Doubek

2015-16 Officers

President – Heather Govenor
Secretary – Maya Wilson
Treasurer – Jennifer Wagner
Outreach Committee Chair – Angie Estrada
Professional Develop. Committee Chair – Zach Martin

2016-17 Officers (Current)

President – Matt Aberle
Vice President – Angie Estrada
Secretary – Zach Martin
Treasurer – Ben Vernasco
Outreach Committee Chair – Tamara Fetters
Professional Develop. Committee Chair – Ben Ahlswede
Social Chair – Ryan McClure

2017-18 Officers
President: Max Ragozzino
Vice President: Mary Lofton
Secretary: Becky Fletcher
Treasurer: Ben Vernasco
Outreach Committee Chair: Sydney Hope
Social Committee Chair: Nicole Ward
Professional Develop. Committee Chair: Fadoua El Moustaid



2016 Gilbert Linkous Science Fair

March 16, 2016: It was a big night for little scientists at the Gilbert Linkous Elementary School Science Fair on March 16, 2016, where there was no shortage of creativity or enthusiasm! The annual science fair features the research of kindergarten through 5th graders, and is fast becoming a favorite IGC Spring outreach opportunity.


2015 Virginia Science Festival

September 26, 2015: The Interfaces of Global Change IGEP sponsored a booth and social media campaign at the Blacksburg Science Festival called “Why I Care For Nature.”


The 2015 Gilbert Linkous Elementary School Science Fair

March 18, 2015: The Interfaces of Global Change Graduate Student Organization participated in a science fair at Gilbert Linkous Elementary School in Blacksburg. The IGC Fellows served as judges (or “mad scientists”!) and operated a Science Photo Booth.


IGCGSO Invited Speaker Series

Dr. Robert Lackey, Fisheries Professor, Oregon State University

Thursday, March 5, 2015; Time: 2:00-3:00 p.m.; Location: Fralin Auditorium

“Science in Public Policy: Maintaining Relevance, Ensuring Accuracy, and Avoiding Advocacy”


Passport to Discovery Outreach Event

Passport to Discovery

Saturday, April 12, 2014:

Interfaces of Global Change Graduate Student Organization hosted a science outreach day at the SEEDS Nature Center* in Blacksburg, VA. The day of outdoor activities was titled “Passport to Discovery: a hands-on journey through the world of biological science and nature for children of all ages.”