Fadoua El Moustaid

Biological Sciences

Fadoua received her Bachelors of Science in Mathematics in Morocco. Her undergraduate studies were mainly in pure mathematics. After graduation, she considered how powerful mathematics could be if it applied to real life problems, and she soon learned about the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in South Africa. Completing her Masters degree at AIMS was “an amazing experience” for her. She spent two years learning about different applications of mathematics and decided to pursue a career in mathematical biology.

Fadoua is interested in applying mathematical and statistical tools to explain biological interactions. In the past, she used these tools to model bacterial interactions such as quorum sensing and biofilm formation. For her Ph.D., she is interested in modeling vector-borne disease dynamics. While working with Dr. Leah Johnson, she will investigate how climate factors, such as temperature, affect disease transmission. Her goal is to use modeling results as informative tools for disease prevention and control strategies.

Fadoua is deeply concerned about disease and climate change threats and hopes to work with other scientists to reduce the damage caused by these interactions. By joining the Interfaces of Global Change Program, she intends to expand her interdisciplinary network at Virginia Tech and improve her science communication skills.

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