The Global Change Center (GCC) addresses the challenges to the environment and society resulting from global changes by providing a framework that encourages, facilitates, and rewards interdisciplinary research, education, and outreach across the intellectual landscape of our University. For faculty members that are interested in becoming a GCC affiliate, application procedures are provided below.

All GCC faculty affiliations are for two-year renewable terms. Affiliate contributions to the GCC are evaluated on an annual basis and determine renewal.

How do I become affiliated with the GCC?

  • We recommend connecting with existing faculty affiliates to gain insight into the Center’s culture and expectations, and whether these align with your professional interests and aspirations. A list of current faculty affiliates can be found here: https://www.globalchange.vt.edu/affiliated-faculty/
  • In a single PDF, provide a 1 to 2-page statement of interest and your CV to the Director of the GCC.

The statement of interest should be creative and thoughtful. We recommend that it contain three sections, with most emphasis placed on the latter two components:

    1. Explain how your expertise addresses global change problems, aligns or complements existing expertise of faculty in the GCC, and/or fills an important gap in expertise within the GCC. Please keep this section brief (1-2 paragraphs), and do not simply recap your CV.  Instead, focus on your problem spaces of interest, novel techniques/approaches used in your program, collaborative history, etc.
    2. Highlight your motivations for becoming affiliated with the Global Change Center.  We recommend studying our website and meeting with current affiliates to develop a thoughtful statement highlighting what you hope to gain from affiliation.
    3. Highlight your expected contributions toward the Center’s objectives. To maintain affiliation, all faculty affiliates must demonstrate engagement each year in our activities and initiatives. Again, the website and current affiliates are rich sources of information regarding the diverse ways that faculty affiliates can engage.  We welcome creative ideas for developing new collaborations, spearheading new working groups or GCC initiatives, contributing to our interdisciplinary graduate education program, mentoring graduate student teams for their collaborative capstone projects, etc. 
  • The Director may then request an initial meeting to discuss whether your interests and expertise are aligned with the vision and mission of the GCC.
  • The Director will present your inquiry to the GCC Advisory Board.
  • The GCC Advisory Board and Director will vote on your request to become affiliated. A majority (>75%) vote is required for affiliation.


All full-time tenure track faculty engaged in global change-related scholarship are eligible to apply for affiliation with the Global Change Center.

Non-tenure track faculty may be considered eligible when 1) it is clear how the individual will contribute to our core activities over time (e.g., advising graduate students, collaboration on research teams, and/or engagement in curriculum) and 2) Virginia Tech has made a commitment to the individual’s employment beyond the year they apply for affiliation.  These requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and require additional documentation from the administration describing the individual’s employment conditions (e.g., letter from the department head/chair).