Exhibition Sessions

Two exhibitions were planned as part of the 9th Hellbender Symposium. These were interactive, hands-on forums where people displayed or presented items relevant to the event.

Artificial Shelters

Significant advancements have been made in recent years with design and use of artificial shelters (a.k.a., nest boxes) for hellbender research, monitoring, and propagation. Because artificial shelter design and use is rapidly evolving, this forum will allow hands-on interaction and discussion with colleagues who are using different approaches.  Bring your latest advancement in artificial shelter design and other supporting props and materials (e.g., blueprints, video, posters) for this exciting interactive forum.

Photo from the Hopkins Lab, Virginia Tech.
Photo from the Hopkins Lab, Virginia Tech.

Outreach and Education Materials

Collectively,  our hellbender community has developed some very impactful outreach materials, but we haven’t really had a venue to highlight those activities/deliverables. Dependent on participant interest, a portion of the symposium will be allocated for an “exhibit” of materials. We envision tables with outreach materials, videos, education programs, etc. displayed, and a ~2 hour slot during the meeting where folks work their exhibit and explain their programs or materials. We think this would provide opportunities to share ideas, develop new partnerships, and identify gaps in our outreach.

Anyone who produces outreach and educational materials is invited to participate in the exhibition. This exhibit is spearheaded by Dr. Rod N. Williams of Purdue University. We’re looking forward to seeing what others have created and delivered across the region!

Photo by Rod Williams.

Questions about the 2019 symposium? Please contact the Global Change Center coordinator at jcoker@vt.edu.