Dr. Kate Langwig

Biological Sciences

Dr. Langwig is an infectious disease ecologist. Her research program at Virginia Tech focuses on the role of host-pathogen interactions in population dynamics and community structure. As part of this research, she explores how variation among hosts influences epidemiological dynamics, population impacts, and effectiveness of disease interventions. In relation to global change, Dr. Langwig studies the impact of infectious disease on ecological communities, the importance of disease in determining species extinctions, and the long-term persistence of populations affected by disease in human-altered landscapes. She uses a combination of field data, historical population datasets, and modelling approaches to help inform conservation responses to preserve disease-imperiled species.


Dr. Langwig’s interests span the disease-policy interface, and her work has been integral in shaping management responses to wildlife disease. She has served as invited member for determining species at risk of endangerment and extinction for both the U.S. and Canada, and she serves on several working groups to promote conservation of disease-affected species.


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Recent Relevant Publications

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