Dr. Joel McGlothlin

Biological Sciences

My research program focuses on the evolution of complex phenotypes. I am interested both in how natural selection shapes integrated groups of traits and in the genetic and physiological mechanisms that underlie such trait groups. My lab tackles these problems using both empirical and theoretical approaches and incorporates ideas and techniques from diverse fields, including evolutionary genetics, behavioral ecology, and physiology.

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Recent Relevant Publications

McGlothlin, J. W., J. P. Chuckalovcak, D. E. Janes, S. V. Edwards, C. R. Feldman, E. D. Brodie, Jr., M. E. Pfrender, and E. D. Brodie III. 2014. Parallel evolution of tetrodotoxin resistance in three voltage-gated sodium channel genes in the garter snake Thamnophis sirtalis. Molecular Biology and Evolution 31: 2836-2846.

McGlothlin, J. W., J. B. Wolf, E. D. Brodie III, and A. J. Moore. 2014. Quantitative genetic versions of Hamilton’s rule with empirical applications. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 369: 20130358.

McGlothlin, J. W. and L. F. Galloway. 2014. The contribution of maternal effects to selection response: an empirical test of competing models. Evolution 68: 549-558.

Sanger, T.J., E. Sherratt, J. W. McGlothlin, E. D. Brodie III, J. B. Losos, and A. Abzhanov. 2013. Convergent evolution of sexual dimorphism in skull shape using distinct developmental strategies. Evolution 67: 2180-2193.

Gerlach, N. M., J. W. McGlothlin, P. G. Parker, and E. D. Ketterson. 2012. Promiscuous mating produces offspring with higher lifetime fitness. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 279: 860-866.

Formica, V. A., J. W. McGlothlin, C. W. Wood, M. E. Augat, R. E. Butterfield, M. E. Barnard, and E. D. Brodie III. 2011. Phenotypic social selection in a wild population of forked fungus beetles. Evolution 65: 2771-2781.

McGlothlin, J. W., A. J. Moore, J. B. Wolf, and E. D. Brodie III. 2010. Interacting phenotypes and the evolutionary process. III. Social evolution. Evolution 64: 2558-2574.

McGlothlin, J. W., D. J. Whittaker, S. E. Schrock, N. M. Gerlach, J. M. Jawor, E. A. Snajdr, and E. D. Ketterson. 2010. Natural selection on testosterone production in a wild songbird population. American Naturalist 175: 687-701.

McGlothlin, J. W. and E. D. Ketterson. 2008. Hormone-mediated suites as adaptations and evolutionary constraints. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 363: 1161-1620.

McGlothlin, J. W., P. G. Parker, V. Nolan Jr., and E. D. Ketterson. 2005. Correlational selection leads to genetic integration of body size and an attractive plumage trait in dark-eyed juncos. Evolution 59: 658-671.