Devin Hoffman


Devin earned his bachelor’s degree in Geology from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina in 2017. While an undergrad, he completed a senior honors thesis incorporating phylogenetics, computed tomography (CT), and histology to understand the evolution of the aetosaur Coahomasuchus chathamensis, an armored crocodile-relative. As an undergrad Devin also worked as an REU intern at the American Museum of Natural History on the Mammal Tree of Life Project and volunteered in the Paleontology Lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Devin joined the Paleobiology lab group at Virginia Tech working with Dr. Sterling Nesbitt in the Fall of 2017. He is excited to join the IGC and learn how to combine what he learns from the fossil record to inform conservation decisions in light of current changing ecosystems.


Devin is interested in the macroevolutionary and diversity responses of vertebrates to rapid environmental changes, particularly those surrounding mass extinctions. To do this he studies the Triassic Period (242-201 million years ago) when many modern groups of vertebrates evolved and rapid changes to terrestrial environment and animal assemblages occurred.