The EMG State Coordinator’s Office occasionally produces important documents related to strategic planning and annual reporting for the state-wide program. These documents are provided for your reference if you are interested in the future plans or reporting practices of the Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program.


Sharing Knowledge.
Empowering Communities.


To be the Virginia Cooperative Extension volunteer organization extending horticultural and environmental outreach across the Commonwealth.

Core Values (Internal & External)

• The environment, each other and those we serve

• Wise stewardship of resources
• To our organization, our community and each other

• Willing to work with a diverse group to reach a common goal
• Actively seeking out partners

screen shot of mission vision and values pdf

Mission, Vision, and Values PDF with 2018 infographic.

Mission, Vision, and Values PDF

This PDF copy of our mission, vision, and values statements is useful for promoting the program and providing education on what Extension Master Gardeners do. Download a PDF of our mission, vision, and values with the 2018 infographic.

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2018 Unit-Specific Infographic

In early 2018, the EMG State Office released a set of infographics customized with the 2017 data for each unit. The data used to generate these graphics was reported by each unit (if you do not see your unit’s infographic in this folder, it is possible your unit did not report data for 2017).

These infographics can be used to promote the work of your local unit in your community.

To find your local unit infographic, please find and download it in this Google Drive folder.

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Annual Reports

Beginning with the 2018 calendar year, the EMG State Office will be releasing regular one-page annual reports with comprehensive statewide reports released every 4-5 years.

2018 One Page Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

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Strategic Planning Updates

The EMG State Office undertakes a strategic planning session every few years. These sessions help identify goals and priority areas for the program.

2018 Strategic Planning Update

2014 Strategic Planning Update

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