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Unit Directory – Find a list of EMG units along with location and website information on this page.

Communications Resources – Find handouts, infographics, and information on ordering communications products from the State Coordinator’s Office on this page.

VMGA – Find information on the Virginia Master Gardener Association, including membership information, on this page.

State Coordinator Endowment – The State Coordinator Endowment supports the State Coordinator’s office. Find information related to the State Coordinator Endowment, including a list of donors, on this page.

Strategic Planning & Annual Reports – Find past annual reports and updates from strategic planning sessions (held every few years) on this page.

Leadership Development Training – Leadership development training meetings are held throughout the state on a yearly basis. Trainings cover topics related to unit management, leadership, communication, and/or group dynamics. Find materials from past trainings as well as more details on trainings on this page.