New Course for Spring 2018: Advanced Soils

Dr. Brian Strahm is offering a new, broad-based soils course for those that have had little exposure to the belowground world.  If you are interested in…

•    terrestrial ecosystem ecology/biogeochemistry
•    plant productivity
•    water quality/quantity
•    global and/or land use change

…but have never had soils…this class is designed for you!

The course will introduce foundational concepts in soil physics, chemistry, biology/ecology, sampling and analysis, genesis and classification, nutrient cycling, and organic matter dynamics.  The course is intended to improve your understanding ...

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Stream Ecology Course offered in Spring 2018



Learn about the structure and function of streams and rivers. We will connect ecological principles to the structure and function of running waters, and explore how ecological processes in these dynamic ecosystems are affected by environmental change. This course includes lecture/discussion meetings as well as a lab/field component, during which students will conduct coordinated semester-long research projects. The final exam will include an oral presentation and write-up of project results in the format of a ...

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Dr. Ignacio Moore (BIOL) and Dr. William Hopkins (FWC) are offering “Tropical Ecology & Conservation BIOL 3954/FIW 3954 (6 credits)” in Spring and Summer I 2018. The course is open to all majors. The Spring course will be taught on campus.

During Summer I, the class will travel to Ecuador where students will traverse multiple ecosystems, from the Amazonian lowland rainforest to the high altitude Andes. Students will visit one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and ...

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New Course Update: Climate Change and Societal Impacts

AUGUST 14, 2017

Dr. Anamaria Bukvic provided this important update to her plans for GEOG 4984: Climate Change and Societal Impacts:

NEW OPPORTUNITY FOR EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING AND RESEARCH with local partners in Hampton Roads on the issues of sea level rise and resilience!

Please note that the Resilience Research & Design Tidewater Collaboratory will be integrated into a special studies course on Climate Change and Societal Impacts (Course 5984/4984, fall 2017) as a project-based component focused on experiential learning. In addition to the baseline information, ...

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Course Announcement: Systems Ecology and Conservation

FIW 5984/19850 SS: Systems Ecology and Conservation 

Fall 2017 Course description

Systems Ecology and Conservation adopts an integrative approach to understanding problems of sustainable management and conservation of natural environments.  The course is founded on the idea that effective environmental conservation can only be achieved through consideration and management of broader, multifaceted factors related to natural ecosystems and human societies.  It seeks to help students conceptualize and articulate their own problems of study within an interdisciplinary framework.  The course introduces students to approaches ...

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New Course for Fall 2017: The Science and Policy of Invasions

A new team-taught course will be offered this fall at Virginia Tech!

The Science and Policy of Invasions (GRAD 6984; Special Topics; 3 credits)

The class will meet once per week during Fall Semester 2017; Time TBD

Jacob Barney (, Bryan Brown (, David Haak (, Erin Hotchkiss (, and Scott Salom (

Invasive species are one of the five elements of global change that shape ecosystem structure and function worldwide. This course will take a “deep ...

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New Course: Climate Change and Societal Impacts

Climate Change and Societal Impacts is a new course that will be offered by Dr. Anamaria Bukvic (GEOG) in Fall 2017.

Department of Geography
Course Number: 4984
Course Title: Climate change and societal impacts
Fall 2017
Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10-11:15am
Anticipated Student Enrollment: 40

Instructor: Dr. Anamaria Bukvic, Research Assistant Professor, Geography,

Course Description: Accelerated climate change has been permanently changing the natural, built, and social systems around the globe over the last few decades. Many of these impacts ...

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