Biology professor aims to better educate students on sex and gender

From the Collegiate Times

By Mike Liu  |  February 12, 2019

Sex and gender are two different concepts. The distinction is that sex is purely based on an individual’s reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics while gender is a person’s social role or personal identification of one’s own sex based on an internal awareness.

The differences between sex and gender has sparked many discussions in today’s society. Prominent news agencies such as The New York Times and Read More →


New Course: Intro. to Microbial Community Analysis

Drs. Brian Badgley, David Haak (SPES), Lisa Belden, and Frank Aylward (BIOL) are offering a new, broad-based soils course for those that have had little exposure to the belowground world.  If you are interested in…

Do you need to characterize the impact of the microbial communities in your study system? Do you already have sequence data describing microbial communities that you need to process? Are you curious about the current state of the science for studying microbiomes?

Faculty from the School of Plant and Environmental ...

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New Online Course in Fall 2018: Navigating the Social Complexities of Sustainability

Taught by Dr. Marc Stern, a new online course offered this Fall is designed to provide students with a variety of tools for navigating the social complexities of environmental and other sustainability-related initiatives.

Having successfully completed this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the social dimensions of sustainability challenges.
  • Communicate about social science theories effectively.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply social science theories to real-world problem-solving within the context of environmental sustainability.
  • Articulate both the value and limitations of social science theories for problem ...
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New Course for Spring 2018: Advanced Soils

Dr. Brian Strahm is offering a new, broad-based soils course for those that have had little exposure to the belowground world.  If you are interested in…

•    terrestrial ecosystem ecology/biogeochemistry
•    plant productivity
•    water quality/quantity
•    global and/or land use change

…but have never had soils…this class is designed for you!

The course will introduce foundational concepts in soil physics, chemistry, biology/ecology, sampling and analysis, genesis and classification, nutrient cycling, and organic matter dynamics.  The course is intended to improve your understanding ...

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Stream Ecology Course offered in Spring 2018



Learn about the structure and function of streams and rivers. We will connect ecological principles to the structure and function of running waters, and explore how ecological processes in these dynamic ecosystems are affected by environmental change. This course includes lecture/discussion meetings as well as a lab/field component, during which students will conduct coordinated semester-long research projects. The final exam will include an oral presentation and write-up of project results in the format of a ...

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