Dr. Bryan Brown

Biological Sciences

I study community ecology in aquatic systems. Work in my lab revolves around experimental tests of ecological theory and relies heavily on field experimentation. The four main themes are:

  • The ecology of symbiosis
  • The metacommunity concept in aquatic ecosystems
  • The influence of habitat heterogeneity on community stability
  • Effects of perturbations on aquatic communities


Lab Website


Recent Relevant Publications

Patrick, C. J., K. E. Anderson, B. L. Brown, C. P. Hawkins, A. Metcalfe, P. Saffarina, T. Siqueira, C. M. Swan, J. D. Tonkin, and L. L. Yuan. In Press. The application of metacommunity theory to the management of riverine ecosystems. WIREs Water.

Stoczynski, L., B. K. Peoples, B. L. Brown, and S. R. Midway. In Press. Landscape features and study design affect elements of metacommunity structure for stream fishes across the United States. Freshwater Biology.

Swan, C. M., B. Brown, D. Borowy, J. Cavender-Bares, A. Jeliazkov, Z. Lososova, J. P. Cubino, S. Pavoine, C. Ricotta, and D. Sol. In Press. A framework for understanding how biodiversity patterns unfold across multiple spatial scales in urban environments. Ecosphere.

Brown, B. L., and J. N. Barney. 2021. Rethinking Biological Invasions as a Metacommunity Problem. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8 (488).

Creed, R. P., J. SkeltonG, K. Farrell, and B. L. Brown. 2021. Strong effects of a mutualism on stream community structure. Ecology 10f: e03225.

Tornwall, B. M., A. L. Pitt, B. L. Brown, J. Hawley-Howard, and R. F. Baldwin. 2020. Diversity patterns associated with varying dispersal capabilities as a function of spatial and environmental variables in small wetlands in forested ecosystems. Forests 11:1146.

Sepahvand, V., B. L. Brown, and A. Gholamifard. 2020. Host specificity and microhabitat preference of symbiotic copepods (Cyclopoida: Clausiididae) associated to ghost shrimps (Decapoda: Callichiridae, Callianideidae). Ecology and Evolution 10:10709-10718.