Dr. Bryan Brown

Biological Sciences

I study community ecology in aquatic systems. Work in my lab revolves around experimental tests of ecological theory and relies heavily on field experimentation. The four main themes are:

  • The ecology of symbiosis
  • The metacommunity concept in aquatic ecosystems
  • The influence of habitat heterogeneity on community stability
  • Effects of perturbations on aquatic communities


Lab Website


Recent Relevant Publications

Harris CM, Thomason CA, Brown BL, Kirkpatrick LT, Paulson SL, Hawley DM. In Press. Experimental logging alters the abundance and community composition of ovipositing mosquitoes in the southern Appalachians. Ecological Entomology.

Brown, B. L., C. Wahl, and C. M. Swan. 2018. Experimentally disentangling the influence of dispersal and habitat filtering on benthic invertebrate community structure. Freshwater Biology 63: 48-61. *featured in special issue on network effects in river ecology

Tornwall BMG, Swan CM, Brown BL. 2017. Manipulation of local environment produces different diversity outcomes depending on location within a river network. Oecologia.

Swan CM and B.L. Brown. 2017Metacommunity theory meets restoration practice: Isolation mediates how ecological communities respond to stream restoration. Ecological Applications.

Vander Vorste, R., P. McElmurrayG, S. BellG, K. M. Eliason, and B. L. Brown. 2017. Communication breakdown: Does stream size really explain biodiversity patterns in lotic systems? Diversity 9: 26. doi: 10.3390/d9030026.

Skelton, JG., K. M. Geyer, J. T. Lennon, R. P. Creed, and B. L. Brown. 2016. Multi-scale ecological filters shape the crayfish microbiome. Symbiosis:  Accepted Author manuscript, doi: 10.1007/s13199-016-0469-9.

Brown, B. L., A. L. Downing, and M. A. Leibold. 2016. Compensatory dynamics stabilize aggregate community properties in response to multiple types of perturbations. Ecology.

Creed, R. P., J. D. Lomonaco, M. J. Thomas, A. Meeks, and B. L. Brown. 2015. Reproductive dependence of a branchiobdellidan annelid on its crayfish host: Confirmation of a mutualism. Crustaceana 88:385-396.

Tornwall, B.β, E. R. Sokolβ, J. Skeltonβ, and B. L. Brown. 2015. Trends in stream biodiversity research since the River Continuum Concept. Diversity 7: 16-35.

Sokol, E. R.β, B. L. Brown, C. C. Carey, B. Tornwallβ, C. M. Swan, and J. E. Barrett. 2015. Linking management to biodiversity in built ponds using metacommunity simulations. Ecological Modeling 296: 36-45.