Thank you for submitting a digital brag board for 2019 Master Gardener College!

Brag boards are a great way for EMG units around the state to show off their projects, achievements, and year-end highlights to others. Brag boards will be compiled into a scrolling presentation for College attendees to view at their leisure in between sessions and will be posted online after College concludes. Submission deadline: August 12, 2019

Please follow the instructions below to submit your brag board for our display.

Due to limited staff capacity, please use the form below to submit your brag board. Submissions via email may be missed.

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Guidelines for Submission

File type: Please submit your digital brag board as a PowerPoint presentation (.ppt or .pptx)

File size: Presentations should not be larger than 15 mb. If you are unable to upload your presentation through this form due to file size limitations, try removing decorative backgrounds from your presentation or changing the slide template.

Presentation guidelines:

  • Presentations should have a footer or text on each slide that designates your unit
  • Presentations should be sized for widescreen (not “standard” size) See image below
screen shot of powerpoint slide sized to widescreen

Please set your slide size to “widescreen”

General guidelines:

  • Presentations should highlight your unit’s important projects or achievements
  • Pictures are great but explanatory text is also helpful for viewers
  • Presentations will play on a scrolling slideshow on screens in conference common areas
  • Each slide will show for a few seconds and will then move on to the next slide. Therefore, do not include more than a sentence or two of text as viewers will not be able to read long paragraphs.
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If you get an error message the first time you submit, try clicking the button again.

If you encounter trouble using this form or would prefer to submit your brag board via email, please email: 

Submissions via email should include:

  • Your name
  • Your unit name
  • Your digital brag board (be sure to follow the guidelines above)