Benefits to Faculty (Why should one become a GCC faculty?)

  • Be part of an interactive community of faculty and students from 6 colleges on campus that share common interests in global change issues
  • Form new innovative collaborations with faculty from across campus
  • Have access to unique interdisciplinary training opportunities for your undergraduate and graduate students
  • Have access to training opportunities that improve your own communication and technical skills, particularly at the science-society and science-policy interfaces.
  • Gain access to internal funding opportunities for research and training
  • Have a voice in future faculty hiring recommendations that influence our campus strengths in global change research and education
  • Participate in unique workshops, seminars, reading groups, and other interdisciplinary activities.

Expectations of Faculty (What do we expect of those involved?)

  • Willingness to develop new research projects and/or expand existing research projects involving new interdisciplinary collaborations with other faculty
  • Evidence of efforts to recruit new graduate students to the IGC IGEP, and/or to provide courses relevant to the IGC IGEP curriculum
  • Service on committees (advisory committee, admissions committee, etc.)
  • Participation in the global change seminar courses (e.g., attend once per year)
  • Timely annual reporting in required formats
  • Attendance of special seminars and social events