Ben Vernasco

Biological Sciences

Ben’s began his scientific career as an undergraduate at Humboldt State University (HSU). He earned his B.S. in Applied Vertebrate Ecology in the Spring of 2013. Prior to graduate school, Ben explored the Western Hemisphere while working various seasonal bird jobs for governmental organizations, universities, and non-governmental organizations.

Ben joined the Moore lab in the Fall of 2014 as a Ph.D. student and is being co-advised by Dr. Brandt Ryder of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. Ben is interested in understanding the proximate mechanisms underlying animal behavior, reproductive success, and survival. His work utilizes a variety of field and lab techniques to study both captive and free-living organisms.

He is currently working on a project investigating the mechanistic links between testosterone, social behavior, and social network structure in wire-tailed manakins.  




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