Dr. Alasdair Cohen

Population Health Sciences

Dr. Cohen conducts research on drinking water (contamination, treatment, and supply) and environmental health in low-income rural communities, with a focus on developing safe water programs. He has over ten years of international experience and has worked for three United Nations agencies, including the 2008-2014 design and management of a project to construct the Multidimensional Poverty Assessment Tool. Cohen received his PhD in Environmental Science, Policy & Management, and an MPH in Epidemiology, from UC Berkeley, as well as an MSc in Water Science, Policy, & Management from Oxford. He has taught courses on randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews, as well as water policy and management.

Presently (2018-2019), Cohen is an adjunct faculty member at Virginia Tech and a Project Scientist at UC Berkeley, where he co-manages a water quality & environmental health project in the Philippines and serves as Research Director for the Berkeley/China-CDC Program for Water & Health.


In August 2019, Cohen will start as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Epidemiology in the Department of Population Health Sciences at Virginia Tech.

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Recent Relevant Publications

Du, W., Cohen, A., Shen, G., Ru, M., Shen, H., & Shu, T. (2018). Fuel use trends for boiling water in rural China (1992-2012) & environmental health implications: A national cross-sectional study. Environmental Science & Technology [link]

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Cohen, A. & Colford, J. M. (2017). Effects of boiling drinking water on diarrhea & pathogen-specific infections in low- & middle-income countries: A systematic review & meta-analysis. American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene [link], 97 (5), 1362-1377.

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