Advisory Committee

Continuing development of the Global Change Center is led by a director and an advisory committee. Current committee members are listed below.


William A. Hopkins

Director, Global Change Center and Professor

Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Research Interests: trophic and maternal transfer of contaminants, maternal effects, stress ecophysiology, bioenergetics and physiological tradeoffs


Leandro Castello

Associate Professor

Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Research Interests: ecology and conservation of fish and fisheries in relation to global change processes


Sally Entrekin

Associate Professor

Department of Entomology

Research Interests: macroinvertebrate population and community ecology and ecosystem function

Dr. David Haak, PPWS

David Haak

Assistant Professor

School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Research Interests: evolutionary ecological genomics


Leah Johnson

Assistant Professor

Department of Statistics

Research Interests: working at the intersection of statistics, mathematics and biology to study how climate impacts transmission of vector-borne diseases

Chloe Lahondere_sq

Chloé Lahondère

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Biochemistry

Research Interests: physiology, behavior and ecology of disease vector insects

Kevin McGuire headshot_sq

Kevin McGuire


Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

Research Interests: watershed management practices and hydrological and ecological processes that affect water quality and quantity


Ignacio Moore


Department of Biological Sciences

Research Interests: behavioral endocrinology, physiological ecology, and behavioral ecology