Advisory Committee

Continuing development of the Global Change Center is led by a director and an advisory committee. Current committee members are listed below.


William A. Hopkins

Director, Global Change Center and Professor

Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Research Interests: Trophic and maternal transfer of contaminants, maternal effects, stress ecophysiology, bioenergetics and physiological tradeoffs


Brian Badgley

Associate Professor

School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Research Interests: environmental microbiology and microbial ecology


Kelly Cobourn

Associate Professor

Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

Research Interests: Natural resource economics


Julia Gohlke

Assistant Professor

Department of Population Health Sciences

Research Interests: human health implications of global environmental change


Leigh-Anne Krometis

Associate Professor

Department of Biological Systems Engineering

Research Interests: Identification of waterborne agents that pose a threat to public health; characterization of environmental transport pathways that may result in human exposure to contaminants


Brian Romans

Associate Professor

Department of Geosciences

Research Interests: Sedimentary system response to climate change in Earth history

Kendra Sewall, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences.

Kendra Sewall

Associate Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

Research Interests: Animal behavior and neuroethology


Mike Sorice

Associate Professor

Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

Research Interests: Personal, social, and structural characteristics that influence people’s choices in the face of biodiversity and habitat loss, invasive species, and landscape transformation