Advisory Committee

Continuing development of the Global Change Center is led by a director and an advisory committee. Current committee members are listed below.

William A. Hopkins

Director, Global Change Center and Professor

Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Research Interests: Trophic and maternal transfer of contaminants, maternal effects, stress ecophysiology, bioenergetics and physiological tradeoffs

Mark Barrow

Professor and Chair

Department of History
Research Interests: history of biology, environmental history, American cultural history

Emmanuel Frimpong

Associate Professor

Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Research Interests: Ecology and conservation of freshwater fishes

Julia Gohlke

Assistant Professor

Department of Population Health Sciences
Research Interests: human health implications of global environmental change

Dana Hawley

Associate Professor

Department of Biological Sciences
Research Interests: Wildlife disease ecology and evolution

Leigh-Anne Krometis

Assistant Professor

Department of Biological Systems Engineering
Research Interests: Identification of waterborne agents that pose a threat to public health; characterization of environmental transport pathways that may result in human exposure to contaminants

Mike Sorice


Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
Research Interests: Personal, social, and structural characteristics that influence people’s choices in the face of biodiversity and habitat loss, invasive species, and landscape transformation

Jeffrey R. Walters

Harold H. Bailey Professor

Department of Biological Sciences
Research Interests: Conservation of avian species and associated ecosystems, dispersal behavior and its relationship to sensitivity to habitat fragmentation, evolution of cooperative breeding systems, the science – policy interface