Disciplinary diversity shines bright among new cohort of IGC fellows in spring 2021

 January 22, 2021

The Interfaces of Global Change IGEP welcomes 12 new Ph.D. fellows in Spring 2021. The incoming cohort holds the most diverse disciplinary representation to date for an IGC admissions cycle, representing 10 different departments and 5 colleges across the VT campus!

Meet our newest fellows:

Belvin, Abigail_stream_sq
Abigail Belvin

Working with Dr. Sally Entrekin

Research interests: Interactions between riparian habitats and freshwater ecosystems; the impacts of land use change on aquatic environments with a focus on macroinvertebrates.

Panji, Namrata_sq
Namrata Shanmukh Panji
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Working with Dr. Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz

Research interests: Atmospheric chemistry, air quality, and atmospheric measurement techniques

Coscia, Jordan_field work_sq
Jordan Coscia
School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Working with Dr. Leighton Reid

Research interests: Grassland ecology, community ecology, ecological restoration, botany

Risteca, Paul_sq
Paul Risteca
Biological Sciences

Working with Dr. Jeb Barrett

Research interests: Microbial and ecosystem ecology; effects of climate change on polar soil microbial communities and nutrient cycling

Duston, Stephanie_field rocks_sq
Stephanie Duston
Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

Working with Drs. Brian Strahm and Brian Badgley

Research interests: Soil biogeochemistry; soil organic matter and microbe dynamics; distribution and partitioning of soil organic matter through plant and microbial function

Shea, Brendan_sq
Brendan Shea
Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Working with Dr. Francesco Ferretti

Research interests: Marine ecology; predator-prey dynamics; ecological role of sharks and the ecosystem consequences of their removal

Goodman, Luke_sq
Luke Goodman
Biological Systems Engineering

Working with Dr. Durelle Scott

Research interests: Watershed modeling focused on management and policy; climate change adaptation in the context of water resource management

Sterling, Charles_sq
Charles W. Sterling III
Biological Systems Engineering

Working with Dr. Leigh-Anne Krometis

Research interests: Private well water quality; Environmental Justice

Hensley, Amanda_sq
Amanda Hensley
Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health

Working with Dr. Kathy Hosig

Research interests: Public health implementation science, immunology and infectious disease, health equity for diverse, under-engaged, and rural populations

Irving Forde Upshur

Working with Dr. Chloé Lahondère

Research interests: Mosquito-plant interactions, entomology, behavioral ecology, ecophysiology

Howell, Bailey_sq
Bailey Howell
Biological Sciences

Working with Dr. Josef Uyeda

Research interests: Urban evolution, phylogenetic comparative methods, macroevolution, trait adaptation

Weiglein, Tyler_sq
Tyler Weiglein
Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

Working with Drs. Brian Strahm and Kevin McGuire

Research interests: Terrestrial biogeochemistry, hillslope/catchment hydrology