Five teams awarded GCC seed grants in fall 2020

November 20, 2020

Each year, the Global Change Center (GCC) solicits proposals from GCC faculty to support interdisciplinary research that will lead to collaborative proposals submitted to extramural funding sources. Selected projects link multiple faculty programs and take advantage of unique combinations of expertise at VT, have societal implications and/or a policy component, deal with emerging global change issues that have regional significance, and have high potential to eventually leverage external resources.

The fall 2020 application cycle saw the highest number of proposals submitted to date, resulting in five teams awarded a cumulative total of $108K in seed grant funding from the Global Change Center, with support from the Fralin Life Sciences Institute.

Congratulations GCC faculty and collaborators!

Over under sea surface sharks with tropical fish underwater and island of Huahine, Pacific ocean, French Polynesia

Taking the Pulse of Global Shark Populations

A water strider rests on the edge of a small stream.

Salty carbon: Testing the consequences of freshwater salinization on stream food web dynamics and ecosystem metabolism

Johnsongrass, sorghum halepense.

Using a global weed to disentangle environment and host effects on plant-microbe interactions across nested spatial scales 

Stratigraphic section of soil with layers and grass roots. Russia, Rostov-on-Don region.

Do altered soil moisture patterns restructure soil microbial communities and their contributions to greenhouse gas emissions?

  • Dr. Brian Strahm, Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
  • Dr. Brian Badgley, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Dr. Durelle Scott, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Dr. Angela Possinger, Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
muddy rocky stream after rain in a subtropical forest

Developing a predictive model for in-stream embeddedness to link physical processes with biotic responses