Welcome new GCC faculty affiliates, fall 2020

Meet our newest faculty affiliates:

Ryan Calder, postdoctoral fellow in the Borsuk lab

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Dr. Ryan Calder

Assistant Professor, Population Health Sciences

Dr. Calder is a civil engineer whose research focuses on developing tools for decision support in the setting of natural resource development and environmental management, particularly with respect to minimizing impacts on human health.

Willandia Chaves FWC bio pic
Dr. Willandia Chaves

Assistant Professor, Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Dr. Chaves is a conservation scientist working with the human dimensions of fish and wildlife conservation.  Her research aims to understand how people make decisions about their use of natural resources and, in turn, use this understanding to foster more sustainable behaviors and influence policy.

Dr. Gill Eastwood

Assistant Professor, Entomology

Dr. Eastwood is a vector-borne disease ecologist, with a focus on enzootic transmission cycles of arboviruses and determining the potential for emergence or spillover of infectious zoonotic diseases.