Interfaces of Global Change IGEP welcomes 6 new fellows in Spring 2019!

The Interfaces of Global Change IGEP welcomes 6 new Ph.D. fellows in Spring 2019. This brings the program’s enrollment to 54 fellows strong in 2019!

Meet our newest fellows:

Lauren Maynard

Working with Dr. Susan Whitehead (Biological Sciences)

Research interests: Species interactions, trophic cascades, chemical ecology, tropical ecology, integrated pest management

Stephen Plont

Working with Dr. Erin Hotchkiss (Biological Sciences)

Research interests: stream ecosystem processes and biogeochemical cycles in the face of environmental change

Sam Silknetter

Working with Dr. Meryl Mims (Biological Sciences)

Research interests: Stream ecology and biodiversity, landscape genetics, traits-based approaches, species interactions

Daniel Smith

Working with Dr. Tess Thompson (Biological Systems Engineering)

Research interests: stream and wetland restoration, soil microbial ecology, soil erosion

Isaac VanDiest

Working with Dr. Kendra Sewall (Biological Sciences)

Research interests: Behavioral ecology, urbanization, ornithology, ecophysiology, and conservation biology

Suwei Wang

Working with Dr. Julia Gohlke (Population Health Sciences)

Research interests: Environment change impact on human health, urban versus rural population vulnerability to heat stress, personal heat exposure estimation