Seminar–Dr. Kate Calvin: The Influence of Land on Energy, Water, and Climate

Katherine Calvin

Dr. Katherine V. Calvin will be speaking on March 24th at 11:15 a.m. in Fralin Auditorium, as part of the FREC seminar series. Her talk will be titled, “The Influence of Land on Energy, Water, and Climate”.

Dr. Calvin is a research economist working at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Joint Global Change Research Institute (JGCRI) in College Park, Maryland. Her work has been featured in the latests IPCC reports and she was recently appointed to the National Research Council study team.

Her research focuses on the influence of biofuels on land-use decisions, the interaction between agriculture and climate systems, measuring the consequence of delayed climate change regulation as well as predicting future energy-economy-land-climate interactions.

At JGCRI, Dr. Calvin works with the Global Change Assessment Model (GCAM). GCAM enables researchers to explore the drivers, consequences, and responses to global change, taking into account all sectors of the economy and all regions of the world.

For more information about Dr. Calvin, please see her website.

If you would like to meet with Dr. Calvin while she is on campus, please contact Ben Ahlswede ( in the department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation.