Tony Timpano is investigating the impacts of coal mining on Appalachian streams

Tony Timpano is an IGC student and a Ph.D. candidate in Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation. His field research is centered in the Appalachian “coal country” of southwestern Virginia and southern West Virginia.

Tony is interested in understanding how coal mining affects stream water quality and aquatic life. Ultimately, he hopes that his research findings will help guide policies on monitoring and managing salt pollution in streams.

Tony Timpano

Tony Timpano

“I want to improve the science of water quality management to enhance the capability of regulators to make sound science-based policy decisions. Water, as a human and ecological resource, is facing mounting threats globally and the problems are only becoming more complex. I think good science is critical to managing water resources for greater sustainability.”

In this Virginia Tech video, Tony talks about water quality testing and the importance of teaching research skills to undergraduate students:

Virginia Tech: Water quality in streams from virginiatech on Vimeo.