Special Seminar: Emma Rosi-Marshall from the Cary Institute will talk about pharmaceuticals as agents of ecological change

This week’s EEB seminar speaker is Dr. Emma Rosi-Marshall from the Cary Institute of Ecosystem studies.

Learn how pharmaceutical pollution harms aquatic life and compromises the health of our nation’s freshwaters. Rosi-Marshall will also outline what is needed to combat the growing problem.”


Dr. Emma J. Rosi-Marshall

Pharmaceutical and personal care products as agents of ecological change in aquatic ecosystems

More about Dr. Rosi-Marshall:
“Dr. Rosi-Marshall conducts research on factors that control and influence ecosystem function in human-dominated ecosystems. Freshwater is one of our most vital and threatened resources; understanding how human-driven global change impacts freshwater ecosystem function is essential. Dr. Rosi-Marshall’s research focuses on several aspects of human modifications to freshwater ecosystems such as land use change and restoration, widespread agriculture and associated crop byproducts, urbanization and the release of novel contaminants, and hydrologic modifications associated with dams.”

Where and When:
Thursday, 16 April, 3:30pm, Derring 4069

If you’d like to meet with Dr. Rosi-Marshall during her visit, contact Fred Benfield.